Cape Cod, Sagamore Beach, Life Coach
Cape Cod, Sagamore Beach, Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy: An Alternative Approach to Personal Growth and Development

Maybe you know you don't need therapy or counseling but yet you know a supportive professional relationship with someone could benefit you.  Maybe you feel stuck, unfulfilled or anxious and you know you could experience more peace and success, yet it seems to be just out of your reach.  Maybe you're feeling pretty good but you're ready to grow and take life to the next level.


Life Coaching may be for you.


There is nothing wrong with you.  You are not broken.  You do not need fixing.  Gain the tools to take off the blankets of self-limiting beliefs and lose the labels you’ve believed about yourself most of your life.  Learn to choose new reactions to the difficult situations you face both personally and professionally. Learn to get out of your own way.


Transforming the way you think about yourself, about others and about life changes the way you show up in your career, your family, your community and in your relationships.  When your perceptions change for the better, so do your thoughts and actions.  When your thoughts and actions shift, everything changes. 


You become a force.


You feel more fulfilled. You learn to take things less personally.  You become more compassionate.  You gain an awareness of your strengths.  You are clear about what you want and you understand that your life serves a unique purpose. You prioritize. You create strong boundaries. You learn the value of consulting and trusting your own intuition.  You no longer succumb unnecessarily to the roles of a victim or martyr and you take 100% responsibility for who you wish to become.  You let go of grudges and your focus naturally leans towards gratitude rather than fear and lack. 

Everything changes.



Through coaching, you will experience a higher level of self awareness while learning to face every challenge from a place of power.


You will gain a sense of empowerment, while attaining the tools to enjoy stronger relationships.  You will begin to learn what it means to “feel comfortable in your own skin”. 



Email Laurie at or call 508 364-3611 with questions or to schedule a session.


When working with people, I rely heavily on my own intuition as well as the intuition of my client.  In trusting my own ability to read these subtle nuances as well as trusting my client's instincts, they soar to a higher level of awareness and are inspired to also consult and trust their own inner wisdom as a means for personal growth.






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