Cape Cod, Sagamore Beach, Life Coach
Cape Cod, Sagamore Beach, Life Coach


I was stuck in place with fear holding me back in my professional career. I had the power inside and just did not know how to harness it.  I was amazed at the changes that have come about already through just our first few sessions.  With the personal one on one time with Laurie I was able to pass through the walls that have been holding me back for years. This paradigm shift has given me a new outlook on all aspects of my life. We were able to work together to find the issues that have been holding me back and find positive solutions that although challenging I can’t wait to get started. This incite is priceless and I can’t thank her enough for her direction.
E.R.,  CA


Private coaching with Laurie became a defining moment in my life.  She opened my eyes to what was truly holding me back.  She gave me a safe place to explore my deepest concerns.  My professional and personal life was stuck and much of my decisions were fear based.  My gut was telling me to knock it off and move forward, but the question remained HOW.  Today I have the strength to trust and find peace. What is more important, I have the tools to always return to this positive place. I never thought it was possible to be calm from within and not let my worries take over.  I am sleeping at night, something that I've had trouble with for many years.  Learning to trust and let go of control are easy to say but very difficult to do. Private coaching opened this door and I am a different person today. This experience was a gift. I received much more than anticipated.  ~L.M., MA


After working with Laurie McAnaugh as a mentor this past year I can honestly say that I feel that for the first time I am in complete control of my fears and living a full wonderful life.  Laurie’s caring and direct approach made it easy to share my dreams and goals. She challenged me take responsibility and to move forward with my dreams without fear of making mistakes but to welcome them as opportunities for personal growth.  She taught me that facing my fears and overcoming obstacles is indeed very empowering!  Mind, body and spirit are three components in life that need continuous attention to grow stronger.  Laurie’s coaching helped me nourish both mind and spirit.  She also helped me see that life has so many endless possibilities and that I have the power to create a juicy life so that I wake up each morning with a renewed sense of wonder, excitement and gratitude! ~C.M., MA

"After turning 50, I started to reflect on what I had accomplished and what I wanted to accomplish in the future.  I had a senior level position that was very unrewarding in a small privately held company for the last 7 years.  I was paid well but I was underutilized.   My oldest son was getting ready to go off to college and my youngest was entering high school.  I felt distant from my husband and felt like I needed more out of my life.  I started working with Laurie McAnaugh to help figure out what was missing and how to reach my life goals.  Laurie helped me identify what inspired me professionally.  She helped me identify my strengths and recognize my weaknesses as well as to define what was important in my life.  Most importantly she helped me focus on the things I have control over and to let go of those things I don’t.  She gave me the tools to stop personalizing other individual’s actions and to begin making empowering changes in my life. The results were astounding.  Nine months later, armed with a whole new way of thinking and reacting, I watched as my life literally changed before my eyes.  We sold the home we have lived in for the last 15 years (within 1 week in the worst ever real estate market) and purchased a new home that we love.  Secondly, after looking for a new job for 5 of the 7 years, I was offered my dream job.  Believing that I am the person to help grow their business, this company even suggested the possibility of offering me an equity position.  I truly believe I would not have been offered this unbelievable opportunity had I interviewed 10 months ago. 

Lastly, my relationships with family, friends and co-workers have dramatically improved.  I am happy at home and at work and have the tools needed to get through the ups and downs of every day.  I look forward to my weekly calls with Laurie, because she continues to provide the tools and encouragement to inspire my personal growth." ~RT, MA, VP of Administration

I have heard Laurie speak twice now and she is incredible!  She teaches what gets left out in schools.  Teaching a person to be confident, powerful, and to have compassion.....simply the most important qualities a person can have to lead a successful and fulfilling life.  Laurie shares a message that I want my children, my husband and everyone I care about to live by and it's evident she lives by those standards herself.  I would recommend a workshop with Laurie to anyone looking to better themselves...... in other words, EVERYONE can benefit from her message.

~Jill ES, CA



Laurie spoke on a conference call to my team of entrepreneurs and they loved it!  Laurie's presentation struck a chord ~ they are still talking about it!  Every topic that she touches on can flow into every aspect of our lives.  Laurie's message is for anyone that wants to create a more powerful, confident, empowered self.

~Aimee C, CA



I found the workshop motivating, enlightening and fun.  You do a great job relating to people on all levels.  Thank you so much for the work you do! 

~Lynn R, Optician, MA



Through private coaching with Laurie over the last year, I've gained clarity in many areas of my life as well as attaining a higher sense of confidence in myself and my ability to relate to others.  Laurie was able to help me discover that the superficial issues I faced on a daily basis stemmed from a more profound source.  She showed me that forgiveness- both for myself and towards others - was the key to unlock my true potential.  I love how she is able to bring out the best in me!
~Heather, Haverhill, MA      



"Laurie shared tools that are not just good for the "now", but tools that are good for a lifetime.  I left wanting to share with my Daughters, Girlfriends, Sister, and Sales Reps!  
She made me laugh, cry, think, and wanting more!!!!  In a short period of time, Laurie went from being a speaker, to someone I wanted to invite to our Thanksgiving dinner!"
~Maureen T, NJ



Laurie is a powerful motivational speaker. She awakens that piece in you which says "YES, I CAN". 
~Christine N., RN, MS, CPNP, MA


My friend suggested that I contact Laurie in hopes that I would receive the same comfort and positive affirmations that she herself had received from her in the past.  I didn't really feel that the heaviness I was carrying around since losing my parents could ever be alleviated.  After only a few sessions with Laurie, I feel a strong sense that my parents are always with me and I continue to be encouraged by our calls. 

~Donna, Bedford, NH


Your presentation was awesome ~ I feel cleansed!
~Karen, MA
This workshop was so great!  I think that no matter what point you are at in self-development, this session is beneficial to move yourself to the next level.  Thank you! 
~B.G., MA
This is a powerful message that crosses all levels of professional work.  Thank you!
D.T., MA

"I am inspired by your positive message and personal stories.  You have spoken to my heart and I really enjoyed the experience of listening to you.  Thank you!"  ~Lori, MA

I will be recommending this class to my family and friends.  Everyone can benefit from your powerful message to stay in your Power!  ~Cheryl Mann, Verizon Manager

"Your Presentation was great!"  ~Lynne, MA

"I never realized how often I give my power away....I am amazing from this moment on!" ~Michelle, RI

"This is exactly what I needed to hear at this time in my life.  I have felt powerless for the last seven years and it is time to take my power back and finally be happy.  Thank you! ~C.O., RI

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