Cape Cod, Sagamore Beach, Life Coach
Cape Cod, Sagamore Beach, Life Coach

Powerful Women 6 Week Class    

Facilitated by Laurie McAnaugh, M.Ed, BCC

Next Class Begins:

Next class begins January 2018 and will be virtual. 

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Break through your own barriers to create personal and professional excellence.

Thoughts from former

Powerful Women participants




Thank you so much.  It's interesting, as I look back on the last few weeks, I can        really see how my relationships are changing.  I am reacting differently and I can

see that my family dynamic is more peaceful.  I'm definitely seeing a difference in my marriage using these tools.



Thank you for the work you do.  I feel clearer than I have in a long time and more

peaceful.  Life really is all about choices. I'm much more aware of those times

that I sink into a victim role believing I'm powerless to other people's choices or to

circumstances.  Instead of blaming, I'm stretching myself to see my own role in

these relationships and I'm making better decisions.



What I love most about this class is the support in knowing how similar we all

can be and how I'm not alone with this feeling of overwhelm.  I also love

the reminder that striving for perfection is actually DIS-empowering!



Laurie's "Access Your Power" Seminar Series was extremely beneficial to me at this point

in my life.  I was searching to find the power within myself to make some changes so

that I could find the joy and quiet grace I want in my life. Laurie showed me that is truly possible

and not that hard with just a bit of self-awareness and effort to look at life a little differently than

I ever have.



I would like to thank you for the amazing experience your class brought to my life. 

It opened my eyes, closed some doors that needed to be closed, and left me

excited about the possibilities ahead.  Thank you so much.  It is hard to believe a

six week class could have such a profound effect on my life, but I truly feel

that it has.  Thank you for the work that you do.  I look forward to working with you again very soon.
I would highly recommend the Powerful Women Class to every woman out there!

It was a life changing experience and I feel I have come out of it a much stronger,

more confident and powerful person. It is helping me choose to make meaningful

changes in my life and stress about things a lot less. What I have learned is so

powerful, I know I can never go back and can only keep growing and working

on not giving my power away! Thank you Laurie! I look forward to working with

you again in the future!
I thoroughly enjoyed your class and gained a lot of tools that I am trying my best to

put into practice daily.  I especially liked your personal stories and examples. 

Not only did it add a personal touch, but helped to drive the concepts home as

well. I've certainly gained a better awareness of my power and the choice I have

in keeping it or giving it away on a daily basis.


The class has allowed the "me/us" time we all want to do for ourselves but seldom
do. It was nice to be surrounded by like-minded people and find solutions or just
listen and feel the support and comfort in that safe space.  Thanks again Laurie,
you're a true story teller and the resources you provided in the stories and books
you shared are so helpful!

I am realizing that how other people behave or think is not my business - This is my

new mantra! Compassion for others has become a more natural state of reaction.


Thank you so much for a wonderful class and experience.  I realize that I am totally a

work in progress and will be for my lifetime but your work and guidance has truly

inspired me to step back and see that I have everything I need to be the best that I can be.  Not just for myself but for the world around me.  I have always tried to put others first so that I can be as generous as possible forgetting that if I'm not taking care of my

needs I really don't have much to offer after a while.  The class definitely helped me to put it into perspective that I can't give my power away as a way to help others and that if I stand in my power I will have so much more to offer. 



At a time of feeling a bit in an overwhelming fog just going through the motions as a wife, mother, homemaker, business woman...I knew I needed to do something for myself and enroll in this workshop - not 'when my schedule permits' but now.  Through reflection, awareness and focus on important yet simple life topics, I learned to pay attention to

how I show up in the world, recognize the importance of not giving my power away,

find joy in the mundane, and look for the gift in every encounter.  I truly know the value

of being a powerful woman now!




The concepts we work with are so simple and familiar, yet focusing on them in these

ways has had such a profound impact on me.  It makes me wonder; what have I been thinking about my whole life?? 




I love the small group atmosphere....we all learn so much from each other!



I am thoroughly enjoying participating in class and love coming each week!




I woke up this morning so excited that today is Tuesday and therefore I have class ....

and then I remembered class has ended. I was so sad........Anyway just wanted you to know how much of a positive impact your class has had on my life that it was the first

thing I thought of this morning!


This class is life changing....I can't believe the ah-ha moments I have had in such a

short amount of time.  I am making different decisions in my everyday life and I am no longer carrying around the emotional baggage I once did.
After years of counseling and therapy, I am amazed at the revelations I have come to in only several weeks in this class.
 Your class has been unbelievably helpful and I look forward to taking it again in the near future!


This is a great class to experience with a friend. Please feel free to forward this link to those you think will benefit!


By participating in this 6 week series, you’ll gain a deeper sense of inner peace, which allows you to think more clearly, make stronger decisions, gain more confidence and have more patience with yourself and others.  You will gain a deeper sense of what makes you tic and a greater understanding of your potential. 


You will be a better parent, partner and friend.  At the end of this class, you will know what it means to access your POWER.

  • The series will be based on the concepts from a system I call the 5 Paths to Power developed through over 13 years of coaching women.  Each week, we’ll focus on one of the paths and you’ll spend the entire week with that concept, integrating it into your life, watching your behaviors, your attitude, your thoughts, journaling what you notice and then discussing it the following week. 
  • Because it will be a small group, there’ll be plenty of time for each person to get maximum benefit.  This is a group coaching experience where you will receive similar to what my private clients do at a lower cost and the added benefit of learning from the group dynamic.

I assure you, this series will greatly increase your awareness of self and will positively affect you in all areas of your life and relationships. 




Is this series just for people who feel they struggle with low self esteem?

  • No.  We all benefit from creating an awareness of our power, seeing the situations and challenges in our lives from a new lens and developing the strongest sense of self possible. 

How do I know if this is the right investment for me at this time?

  • Check out my homepage to determine if this work is a good match for you.  It's a definite commitment to yourself and it involves creating higher levels of self-awareness and there's no question, you will come through it as a more powerful person overall regardless of your confidence levels now.  It can be challenging at times but the rewards will serve you in all areas of your life forever.  Investing in yourself is the best investment you'll ever make.  If you're still not sure, I am happy to answer any questions.  Contact me at 


What if we have to miss a class?

I strongly recommend doing your best to make each class as the dynamic of the group changes without your presence.  However, I fully understand that emergencies come up where you may need to miss a week.    

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